Query the Identity Closure


Welcome to sameAs.cc, a large collection of owl:sameAs links and their identity closure. Please report any issues/questions over at our Github page. A paper about sameAs.cc is published at ESWC 2018. You can cite us in the following way: W. Beek, J. Raad, J. Wielemaker & F. van Harmelen. ‘sameAs.cc: The Closure of 500M owl:sameAs Statements’ In: Proc. of Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), 2018.


sameAs.cc consists of three datasets:

Explicit identity dataset
This dataset contains owl:sameAs that are crawled from the LOD-a-lot file.
Implicit identity dataset
This dataset contains the equivalence closure over the explicit identity dataset.
Identity schema
This dataset contains schema assertions about owl:sameAs that are scraped from the LOD-a-lot file.