Query the Identity Closure


Welcome to sameAs.cc, a large collection of owl:sameAs links and their identity closure. Please report any issues/questions over at our Github page. A paper about sameAs.cc is published at ESWC 2018. You can cite us in the following way: W. Beek, J. Raad, J. Wielemaker & F. van Harmelen. ‘sameAs.cc: The Closure of 500M owl:sameAs Statements’ In: Proc. of Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), 2018.


sameAs.cc consists of three datasets:

Explicit identity dataset
This dataset contains owl:sameAs that are crawled from the LOD-a-lot file.
Implicit identity dataset
This dataset contains the equivalence closure over the explicit identity dataset.
Identity schema
This dataset contains schema assertions about owl:sameAs that are scraped from the LOD-a-lot file.

Erroneous links

Identity links on the Semantic Web are sometimes incorrect, making it difficult to reason over the data.

Example of clustering the owl:sameAs statements about Barak Obama. The image shows that there is a clear distinction between Obama the person (), Obama the senator (), Obama the president (), and the Obama-Biden government (). The links between these cluster are probably erroneous, e.g., the two links equating the president with the government (both from Freebase). Click on the image to see the detailed version.